Attack Mode

Great hitters often have many things in common. There seem to be some characteristics that seems to stick to kids that can hit. They have something that sets them apart,.They have something that gives them an edge.

So what is that something?

There are many different schools of thought about the things that great hitters do. One is that great hitting is all about the mechanics. These folks would say that you need to focus on swing mechanics and as you perfect your swing your success will follow.

Now, I do agree that solid mechanics are important but that they are only a small part of becoming a successful hitter. If you take a perfect swing, the kind of swing that others look at in awe, the swing that clearly checks all the boxes and miss, what do you have? A strike.  If you take a jacked up swing that looks like a cross between a train wreck and a pile of manure that hits the grass before anyone can catch it, you get a hit! 

So we know that good mechanics are important but in and of themselves do not lead to becoming a great hitter. There are many other factors that contribute but the one that I think trumps them all is what is going on in the head of the hitter.

We want our hitters to walk to the plate with an attack attitude. We want them to have some swagger in their walk. We want them to look out at the pitcher and think “Girl, I’m sorry your parents are here to see what I am going to do to this ball!” We want them to expect to hit, to believe they are going to hit and to know, in their heart of hearts that good things are going to happen with every swing.

The great mental conditioning coach Brian Cain said, “Thoughts become things!” Teaching your hitter to think aggressively, to think of success and to expect to hit will go along way in making them the hitter you want them to be. 

Start with a “yes, yes, yes” approach and and attack mentality and good things will happen. Think it!