Agree to Disagree

This statement has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020. With all the problems created by coronavirus, we would all be well-served to remember that we can all believe different things without being wrong, or right. There is an old saying that my grandfather used to drop all the time, something about how opinions are like…

This simple concept would also go a long way to creating a happier softball world. In this arena, whether it is coaches disagreeing with umpires, parents disagreeing with coaches, or teenagers disagreeing with everyone there is no doubt that there are plenty of topics to be disagreeing about.

Another gem from my grandfather was that you “can’t win an argument with a stupid person!” So here are a couple of guidelines for you to consider so you can know if there is any hope of winning an argument with the person you are arguing with.

They might be stupid (or crazy) if:

  1. They change moods rapidly. They go from being objective or compassionate to irrational and personal in a split second. They may attack you, apologize and then attack again.
  2. They are often condescending. They appear to keep a cool demeanor that appears to be in control but they are using that illusion as a tool to talk down to whomever they are arguing with.
  3. They can not own it when they make a mistake. If they mess up they pass the bus to someone else. This attitude makes them responsibility proof so they can’t ever be accountable.
  4. They try to project themselves on to you. They attack you to take the heat off of themselves. They want you to seem like the stupid (crazy) one.

So next time you get into a softball field debate with someone remember this list. Or not, at your own risk!