15th Commandment – Part 1

Many of you have seen the posts of something I started several years ago that really did start out as the Ten Commandments of recruiting, or maybe of how to get recruited. It has been well received and many people talk about how useful they are. Some people have even shared that they were adjusting them into team rules for their players to follow at all times.

Well, after a long break it is time to add to the Commandments once again and this installment is way to long for a single blog.

15th Commandment – The Transfer Portal Has Changed The Process – Forever!

First, hence Part 1, how there transfer portal has changed the lives of college coaches. And before you react, no, I am not saying that all transfers are bad. In many cases the transfer is the best thing for everyone involved but to think that it hasn’t changed this process greatly is a mistake.

College coaches used to have some sort of spreadsheet and depth chart where they listed each class of players from the graduating players this year, each returning class (i.e. senior/junior) and each recruiting class (signed kids coming in next year, committed kids for future years) and finally, the last resort list of kids who might fill in a spot if something changed at the last minute.

The depth chart and year by year breakdown allowed them to plan for the future. Have an idea of what their needs would be in an upcoming class and have a long range plan for recruiting. Things still happened occasionally, but, for the most part, there was a method to the process that allowed most coaches to plan better and build more balanced teams.

Now with the transfer portal along, with the ease and frequency with which players are transferring, the old spreadsheet and depth chart is almost useless. College coaches are now reacting to drastic and last minute changes to their rosters. A player that they were counting on is now transferring and they are forced to find a last second replacement for them. Gone is the long range plan and in its place is the mad scramble to fill a hole in the team. Filling that hole changes this years team and often the needs for future teams as well.

Which now means that the high school players they were recruiting are also placed in a state of limbo. The roster changes at the college level impact many people and as we will discuss in greater depth not all in a positive way.

Next up – Part 2 – High School aged players

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