10 Things Players Need To Know: Send The Right Email


When you e-mail a perspective coach, make sure that note has the right things in it.

Most of my life has been consumed by being an athlete but now I’ve been given the opportunity to teach other athletes this great game, as a college softball coach. On my journey, I’ve learned many things that can benefit ball players at any level. This series is just a few of the things that have helped me as an athlete and also as a coach.

Email Coaches. Send Video.
College coaches look for talented and well-rounded athletes. That means they see effort and honest communication from those players. This doesn’t mean sending the same, copied email to your list of schools once a week.

Send one or two emails to your list of schools then see if camps are available. Coaches would rather see you play. If you do get in contact with a coach and they haven’t seen you play, you need to have a recruiting video for them.

I’ve come across many emails from athletes that say they love the game and are great ball players, and then don’t have a video for me to see. College coaches get a lot of emails saying, “I hit really great last weekend,” or “I throw the ball 60mph.” That’s all great, but we have to see it before we invest our time in you.

Also once you do get a video together don’t put music on it!