10 Things Players Need To Know: Mental Game Matters


All college softball players have great physical games. The difference between good and great rests between the ears.

Most of my life has been consumed by being an athlete but now I’ve been given the opportunity to teach other athletes this great game, as a college softball coach. On my journey, I’ve learned many things that can benefit ball players at any level. This series is just a few of the things that have helped me as an athlete and also as a coach.

This is a Mental Game

College ball is 80% mental. Trust me, the physical ability is seen across the board at this level.

Some athletes today get frustrated when they don’t go 4 for 4 or they make an error. The fact is, softball is ultimately a game of failure. I was the athlete that wanted to play to the best of my ability for my team and when I came up short I was later frustrated.

Now, I can’t really remember the exact situations where I was frustrated, but I do remember how every one of my college seasons ended, and what my team did or didn’t achieve at the end of conference.

So, instead on focusing solely on individual failures, look at the bigger picture: Make the adjustments and do it for the benefit of the team.