What’s Right with Travel Ball?

The other biggest complaint I get about school ball is that not all the players are equally motivated. For every player you have who is all in, all the time, who works really hard at their game and really loves to play, there is going to be the kid who wants to hang out with their friends and does the bare minimum. This frustrating situation can also take place in the travel ball world, but the hope is that, just by the fact that a player and her family have to choose the travel team they are on, the majority of the team is on the same page. That leads us to:

Part 6: Like-Minded People

When you are a part of a team where all the players want the same things, it’s a great situation for the player. When all the families are equally committed to the team, it’s heaven. When all the players, parents, and coaches are working together to make something great happen, something great might just happen. And, for sure, when all these people are pulling in different directions then nothing good is likely to even happen.

One of the first questions every player who is considering a travel team should ask is, “How serious is this team?”. And every travel coach should be asking the corresponding question of every player they are considering for their teams. When a player isn’t really serious or committed to the game, it doesn’t make them wrong, but it does make them the wrong fit for some teams. When a coach wants an entire team of 24/7/365 type players for their team, it doesn’t mean they are better coaches or will always have a stronger team, but it should tell them that a super talented player that isn’t the 24/7/365 player is a bad fit for them.

And here is where the fun begins! You already know where this is headed…no matter how serious a player is or how much a coach wants a certain type of player, they can both get exactly what they are looking for. They just have to keep looking until they find it.

For every type of player, there is a travel team looking for her. The variety of teams allows for every player to find the right fit. They all have the opportunity to make the perfect match of their softball wishlist, with a team that can fill it. Of course, it might mean working a little harder on the front end, but if you invest some time and effort, you can find the right team.

Coaches, you are all in the same boat. Now your job is a little more complicated because your wishlist might have a smaller pool of players in it, but if you keep working at it, you, too, can find players that want the same things you want. That player might not be the superstar that every team wants, but they are the right player for you. And your job is to do everything you can to fill your roster with players that want the same things you want. And you all know how it will end up if you try to square peg/round hole the wrong players into your team, no matter how great their skills are.

Travel ball offers almost endless possibilities when it comes to putting like-minded people together. Isn’t it great when it happens? Of course it is!!!

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