Beware The ‘Maybe Attitude’

Maybe is a dirty word around the softball field. Players who play with a “maybe” approach to the game are usually going to struggle with consistency and performance. The great coach Yoda tells us in “Star Wars” to “do or do not, there is no try!” and better coaching has never been delivered.

What does maybe look like on the field?

Hitters who are hesitant to swing because they are uncertain about where the pitch is going. Pitchers who miss their spots consistently because they are not committed to the pitch they are throwing. A fielder who sits back on a ball that could be caught because they are afraid the ball might get by them. Ot a base runner who freezes for a split second and misses a chance to advance on a pitch in the dirt.

As coaches, we need to set our players up for success by helping them develop a confident approach to the game. To eliminate the fear of making a mistake, we need to instill in our players a belief that aggressive mistakes are a learning opportunity rather than a disappointment. We need to teach our hitters to go to the plate with a “Yes, Yes, Yes” approach they are going to be much more successful.

If someone invites you to an event and you don’t really want to go you probably respond with a “maybe” or an “I’ll try” and all the while you know you aren’t going to go! Maybe is the first step on the path of not doing what needs to be done!